Landscapes, views and details of our planet, he

This was clear language: this granite was really and truly younger than its sandstone cover, for it broke through it. The sandstone had to have been deposited somewhere and on something, just not on this granite, which was not there at the time. The improbable became fact. But at the same moment all the contradictions of the last week melted into harmony. I saw it in seconds, saw it pictorially, vividly. Saw it as one sees the furniture and pictures of a dark room when it is illuminated with a small movement of the hand at the switch. I saw the whole construction and the whole history of the mountain’s development transparent before me like a sculpture made of glass.”

Hans Cloos, 1885 – 1951, Conversation with the Earth 1947, Piper Verlag Munich, 415 pages, p.95

re an example from the Erongo, Namibia: