The Blue Marble Experience

I was 14 years old when men landed on moon. No doubt that was a break point for a young boy interested in nature, science and technology. And the blue marble Earth hangig over the greyish moon surface is fascinating – even so many decades after. Earth observation imagery show a huge portion oft he Earths‘ surface and you have virtually no limits and boundaries up there. And then, when you first manipulate the sensor data with image processing, such phantastic forms and colours.

Earth observation made a huge technological leap in my time, today you can recognise with such commercially available data even a single person from 600 km above. It is this data that allows to monitor changes on the surface of the planet, be it fast or over many years. All analysed by science or simply shown in beautiful image books.

It is however rare to transform this High-tech advances into practical art work, and I firmly believe in unbelievable possibilities….