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Art and Style

My paintings are often late-impressionistic – with some influence of Fauvism and Colour Field Painting. The early works started with Oil/Acrylic on Canvas, following my father Paul and maybe a bit Vincent (whom I copied in the early days to learn the use of contrasting colours). Somehow a style developed with well-defined colour areas between blending shades and textured elements.

Motives are covering the spectrum nature – architecture – persons, a faible for landscapes and a bit geology. The common ground is the geographic variety that was ignited by so many travels and stays abroad.

Later experiments still use cardboards or canvas formats, but enriched by collage-type assemblages of weathered wood, stones, glas, metal and exotic elements. This activity is currently strongly developing.


The map shows regions that represent the places in my watercolours.

If you are interested, a visit to the studio can be arranged. It would be helpful to let me know any wishes and ideas beforehand.()

Exhibitions and participations

07/1981 – Joint exhibition practise opening – watercolors

07/1982 – Solo exhibition (with Paul Volk) – oil / acrylic / drawings / watercolors

10/1982 – Joint exhibition Heckel Bildungswerk – oil / acrylic / watercolors

06/1983 – Joint exhibition “Isar River” – oil / acrylic

04/1998 – Solo exhibition Tanzania “Out of Africa” – watercolors

08/2019 – Solo exhibition “Experience watercolors anew” – watercolors / canvas prints