Services to Administrations and Industry

Today innovation cycles are extremely fast, even sometimes too fast to allow for a proper exploitation concept. Investors and the economy in general expect an immediate monetary success: improved decision-making data for a clearly lower effort. Quite often an User of Geo-Data services requires not simply a product or service, but also the knowledge how to economically implement such product or services in his traditional work flows.

As a freelance consultant with a wide field of experience in the application of Geo-information from various source data I may offer:

  • Analysis of source Geo-data including EO data
  • Requirement analysis for mapping and monitoring programs
  • Design plans for projects and programs
  • Writing terms of reference
  • Independent project consultancy and supervision
  • QC and project evaluation

A short professional Geo-CV allows a quick check if my capabilities are fitting a potential demand scenario: > link CV

A full CV with selected references is available on request.  Any legally binding use of any published CV information is prohibited!